I thought I started blogging, but….

My technical abilities are just so very weak, that my first entry (after years of putting off the act of writing, for fear that the floodgates will open and will never ever shut… and maybe for fear of not writing anything worth reading) disappeared. This doesn’t help me feel like the universe wants me to write…. but I will give it another (albeit a shorter) try.  

Hi! It is February 5, 2013, and I am going to try writing and see what happens.  No angle, no purpose… just writing. Day 1 happens to coincide with Day 1 of Weight Watchers, after a bulking up phase of maniacal rowing through January, followed by a rum-soaked getaway to Jamaica with my dear husband.  So, there you have it. Day 1 writing, Day 1 becoming more sleek… Wish me luck!

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